Teeth Whitening

Get Professional Whitening Today

  • Whiten when it’s convenient with take-home kits
  • Find the whitening option that gives you the best results
  • Remove stubborn stains in one appointment

Reveal a Beautiful Smile With San Antonio Teeth Whitening

First impressions matter. People notice your smile first, and a brighter smile makes a better first impressions. If you want to show off sparkling pearly whites, you’ll want professional teeth whitening in San Antonio. You will:

  • Gain a boost in your confidence that shows wherever you go
  • Brighten your teeth by several shades
  • Experience greater comfort flashing your smile in photos
  • Leave a lasting impression on people that they will always remember
  • Achieve a vibrant smile that matches your personality

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Eliminate Stains With a Professional Solution

It’s natural for tooth color to dull slightly over time from staining food, drinks, and other lifestyle habits. Drugstore whitening kits may provide slight improvement, but not the type of results you’ll get from visiting the dentist for whitening. Our professional treatments offer you dramatic results that are safe and much faster. Plus, you can ask our team any questions that arise during the entire process.

You can choose from:

  • In-Office Whitening – Your dentist uses Zoom whitening to get your teeth up to eight shades brighter. It takes about 45 minutes to an hour to finish treatment. It’s ideal if you want quick results in preparation for a special event.
  • At-Home Whitening – We’ll take impressions of your teeth to design custom trays. You’ll wear them along with the professional-grade whitening gel we give you. You can wear trays while you sleep or for just 30 minutes during the day, whenever you want.

Before moving forward with treatment, your dentist will discuss the type of changes you want to make and see in the mirror. If you also want to address imperfections like chips or cracks, your dentist may recommend bonding or veneers instead. These options also require less maintenance than whitening. We want you to love the outcome of your treatment and leave our office feeling confident as ever!

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